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  • What type of wax do you use for your services?
    The type of wax used depends on the service provided. I typically use hard wax for all body wax sessions and soft wax for brow and lip waxes.
  • Do you offer in-home/travel waxing services?
    At this time, all waxing services are performed in the studio only.
  • How long does my hair need to be for a wax?
    Typically, ¼ inch long so that the wax can attach to the hair and remove it completely. Please wait at least 3 weeks before waxing after shaving for your appointment to have the best results.
  • What is the difference between a Brazilian and a Bikini wax?
    A Brazilian wax removes the hair from front to back; whereas, the Bikini wax removes the hair only from the areas that are shown while wearing undergarments or a bikini.
  • What can I do to prepare prior to my Brazilian or Bikini Wax appointment?
    Exfoliate the area using an exfoliant or exfoliating glove prior to your appointment Take a bath or shower with warm water to soften your hair and open your pores Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol 2-4 hours before your appointment Take Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to the appointment to reduce the discomfort and inflammation Wear comfortable and loose clothing Please note that you are more sensitive 2-3 days before and after your menstrual cycle so book accordingly.
  • Can you accomodate large wedding parties?
    Yes, I have multiple artists that I work with that have similar makeup style and application to ensure that you and your bridal party looks cohesive, stunning and feel relaxed on your big day!
  • How far do you travel?
    We travel anywhere that services are needed!
  • How far in advance do you allow brides to secure their wedding date?
    We open our schedule for bridal 6-10 months in advance
  • When should I set up my bridal trial?
    Typically 2-3 months prior to the wedding date
  • Do you provide touch-ups after the wedding?
    Yes, this service is available and the rate for touch ups will be outlined in your Bridal Breakdown upon your inquiry
  • Is it possible to schedule an appointment outside of studio hours?
    Yes, please send an email or text message including the date and time you are interested in. Please note that appointments required before or after studio hours may require an Early Open or After Hours fee.
  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    All you need is a clean face and groomed brows! Brow grooming available for an additional investment.
  • What products do you use for each makeover?
    I use a variation of high end and drugstore brand products for each makeover. The art comes from the artist not the tools. If you have any allergies to specific products please make sure to note them on your appointment intake form.
  • How long does each makeover take?
    Makeovers range from 55-75 minutes depending on complexity of the eye shadow look.
  • Do you offer "just eyes" makeover services?
    No, there are no al a carte services provided.
  • Is there a difference in prices if I do not want lashes with my makeover?
    No, lashes are complimentary for each makeover.
  • What is the fee for appointments outside of the studio?
    A travel fee of $100 is charged for clients within the Charlotte area. Clients outside of the Charlotte area will have a per mile rate quoted to them upon booking.
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