To Depot or Not to Depot…That is the Question!

L.A. Girl Pro Concealers depotted into Vueset Palette


the practice of removing a makeup product, such as eye shadow, blush, or lipstick, from its original container and placing it into a more practical package

Think about how many eyeshadow palettes you own or how many lipsticks you have that you don’t even know what color they are without opening it. For makeup artists, I believe depotting products in your kit is a no brainer. Depotting will allow you to create new colors and combinations to meet the specific or unique needs of your client. After depotting my lipsticks I found myself using more shades and having the ability to see the different undertones of the shades as they were compared to their “neighbors” in the palette. This process also allowed me to take more lipstick options on the go rather than having a bag full of lipstick, I now have just 3 small palettes of lipstick. Once I created my lipstick palettes I wanted to continue to make my load lighter and more practical. I created my own eye shadow palettes by ordering shadows individually from different companies and placing them in one metal Makeup Forever Palette. By doing this I was able to eliminate carrying 7 different premade palettes only because I needed one shade from one of the palettes or 2 shades from another. My pre-made shadow palettes are separated into neutrals, brights and smokey so that I can grab what I need and go. I continued the same process with my blushes as well. After depotting my shadows and blushes, I saw that I had a Vueset palette left over from depotting my lipsticks and there were the same amount of compartments in the palette as there were L.A. Girl Pro Conceal colors. So of course I depotted them as well! Now I was concerned that they would dry out, but I was also concerned with them drying out in the containers because I wasn’t using them regularly due to them being bulky in my kit and my inability to see the full color range. This was the best decision ever! Over a year later and they have not dried out and now I can create new shades by mixing the shades together. My most recent depotting idea had to do with my setting powders. I was carrying around full sized containers when I only needed a small amount of product. My solution came from someone’s setup on Instagram where they had a tall stackable container for their powders. The next day I found one at the craft store (Michael’s) for around $2.00. The stackable allows me to take as many powders as I need or as few as I need because each section screws onto the top of the next one. Brilliant! Make sure that you label each product on the container so that you will be able to refill them when needed. I would suggest using a label maker instead of writing the names with a Sharpie…Trial and Error. For those of you that are not Makeup Artists, depotting is great for traveling and minimizing your personal makeup kit. Most people use the same products each day for their “everyday face”. By consolidating these items you will have more space and have your touch ups readily available without clutter. Not to mention, MAC has a program called Back 2 MAC that allows you to bring in 6 empty MAC containers in exchange for one free lipstick! The more you depot, the more empty containers you will have to get more makeup! Sounds like a deal to me!

MAC Foundations depotted into glass containers

Now allow me to look at it from a different perspective….There are lipsticks that are better in the tube such as Ruby Woo and Flat Out Fabulous by MAC among other matte lipsticks that don’t seem to apply as well after depotting. And if you are not a makeup artist you may not want to walk around with 24 lipsticks in a palette and a lip brush for touch ups throughout the day. Some items are better left alone and it really depends on your makeup needs and practicality.

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