HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Wilmington, NC


HIGHER EDUCATION: I attended NCCU in Durham, NC where I received my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education K-6. I also attended Grand Canyon University and received my Masters in Elementary Education K-6 before attending Rowan-Cabbarus Community College where I received my certification as an Esthetician.


INSPIRED BY: Inspiration is literally everywhere. I'm always tuned into social media platforms, magazines, client input, event details, classics and new beauty trends.


PEOPLE THAT HAVE INSPIRED YOU: So many people have inspired me during my journey as a makeup artist and licensed esthetician.Of course my friends and family have, but professionals like

Alex Butler @themuaalex, Tia Codrington @mua_ttt_tia, Briana Nicholson @dolledupbybri, Sharetta Richard @facesbysharetta, Nastassia Hewitt @remedystyliststar, Aliana of Color du Jour, and Lauren Nicely @lonicely have inspired me as well

HOW DID YOU GET YOUR START IN THE INDUSTRY?  My love of makeup started around 10th grade. From there it just became something I did for my friends just for fun. Fast forward to my modeling days after college when I needed to show up ready to walk or having to do my own makeup due to a shortage of time with the artists available. It wasn't until I was given the opportunity to do my cousins' makeup for her wedding that I realized it was something that I loved doing and I wanted to pursue it more aggresively. From there, I began taking classes and building my kit. 

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU DO?  What I love about what I do is the way that it makes people feel! I love the look on my clients face when they look in the mirror for the first time or when they feel their skin after a facial session. Feeling great about how you look can change a person's  spirit and self-esteem...who wouldn't want to have a part in that type of change? I also enjoy seeing images of clients' professional images and networking with other professionals.

My start as an esthetician began when I noticed several working makeup aritists going to school for their esthetics license even though they already had a stable flow of clientele.

I believed that by becoming a licensed esthetician, I would have a better understanding of the skin and could add on to my services.I attended Rowan Cabarrus Community College

in Kanapollis, NC (a 25 min drive) 5 days a week for 5.5 hours each day after working a full-time job as an elementary school teacher. It was hard but well worth it. Since then I have attended several workshops and trainings to keep up with new and upcoming methods and technology.

IF YOU WEREN’T A MAKEUP ARTIST AND ESTHETICIAN, WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO? If I wasn't doing what I am currently doing, I would probably create pottery, paint pictures all day and travel the world!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR SIGNATURE LOOK AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOUR STYLE THAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER MAKEUP ARTISTS AND ESTHETICIANS? My signature look is a natural, fresh face look that is timeless and classic. My clients have stated that they like that I take pride in the details, my application isn't heavy and they remain recognizable by family and friends. My facials are different from other estheticians' because I take pride in the relaxation portion of the service.


WHAT ARE A FEW OF YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES?  My favorite product is lipstick! I love lipstick! My favorite skincare products and procedures are masks and microdermabrasion. My favorite part of the body to wax is the upper lip.


WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BEAUTY ADVICE THAT YOU CAN GIVE TO WOMEN? Take care of your skin! Establish a skin care regimen based on a certified specialist's suggestions and stick to it. Don't sleep in your makeup. Let your makeup be an enhancement to your natural beauty, not a mask that is needed in order for you to feel beautiful.