What type of wax do you use for your services?

Starpil Pink Hard wax (sensitive blend), Starpil Starsoft Hard Wax (ultra-sensitive), Se-Brazil Coco Diva Hard Wax, Starpil Starsoft Soft wax and Se-Brazil Latte Soft Wax. The type of wax used depends on the service provided

Do you offer in home/travel waxing services?

At this time, all waxing services are performed in studio only.

How long does my hair need to be for a wax?

Typically, ¼ inch long so that the wax can attach to the hair and remove it completely. Please wait at least 3 weeks before waxing after shaving for the bikini area.

What is the difference between a Brazilian and a Bikini wax?

A Brazilian wax removes the hair from front to back; whereas, the Bikini wax removes the hair only from the areas that are shown while wearing undergarments or a bikini.

What can I do to prep prior to my Brazilian or Bikini Wax appointment?

  • Exfoliate the area using an exfoliant or exfoliating glove prior to your appointment

  • Take a bath or shower with warm water to soften your hair and open your pores

  • Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol 2-4 hours before your appointment

  • Take Ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to the appointment to reduce the discomfort and inflammation

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing

  • Please note that you are more sensitive 2-3 days before and after your menstrual cycle so book accordingly.