Is it possible to schedule an appointment outside of

studio hours?

Yes, please send an email or text message including the date and time you are intrested in. Please note that appointments required before or after studio hours may require an Early Open or After Hours fee of $50.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

All you need is a clean face and groomed brows! Brow grooming available  for an additional investment. 

What products do you use for each makeover?

I use a variation of high end and drugstore brand products for each makeover. Products range from AJ Crimson, MAC, NARS, Laura Mercier, and Kat Von D to L’Oreal, Maybelline, NYX, and Wet and Wild. The art comes from the artist not the tools.

How long does each makeover take?

Makeovers range from 45-60 minutes depending on complexity of the eye shadow look.

Do you offer "just eyes" makeover services?

No, there are no al a carte services provided.

Is there a difference in prices if I do not want lashes with my makeover?

No, standard lashes are complimentary for each makeover.

What is the fee for appointments outside of the studio?

A travel fee of $75 is charged for clients within the Charlotte area. Clients outside of the Charlotte area will have a per mile rate quoted to them upon booking.